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When it comes to hosting and planning a baby shower, it can be quite the task. Whether you are a family member, friend or significant other to the mother to be. Your number one priority is making it as personal and special as possible. Hosting a party for 15-50 people can get pretty pricey, so there are always a few things on the list that take the first hit for cutting costs. Entertaining the guests with games and keeping their bellies full can prove to be the most difficult to plan, but are the easiest to save on. Printable baby shower games can get expensive, especially when you want something that looks nice and is professional. Seems like a waste to pay loads of money to be sent or download games that will soon be crumpled onto your living room floor.

Food ideas can be the tough! Catering companies and take-out joints can charge an arm and a leg for things that seem to look the part, but not taste too great.

Understanding that people today want things that are fun, creative and easy on the pocket book is what we at Showersoffun.com are all about. We aim to help give you some great ideas that are not only budget friendly, but are also easy and creative. You will find that most of the games we have listed come with a printable PDF that looks both professional and is at no cost to you. We hope to keep adding and growing this site with more and more ideas for you to both use and be inspired by.

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