Baby Shower Food Ideas

When it comes to baby showers everyone wants to make the day as special and unique as possible. Themed baby showers are all the rage these days, so it can be quite intimidating at times to come up with creative ideas to surpass the same old boring finger food ideas.

Here are a few ideas that are both affordable and easy for anyone to create!

watermelon baby carriage fruit salad

» Watermelon Baby Carriage

Learn to make a baby carriage shaped fruit basket your shower guests will love. This baby shower fruit basket is simple to make and offers a healthy, tasty and unique baby shower food idea.

jello boat

» Baby Shower Jello Boats

This perfect baby boy shower treat is easy to prepare and offers lots of creativity with item choices. Use candies of your choice to produce a cool and tasty oceanic scene.


» Baby Shower Cupcakes

We all love cupcakes! Making cupcakes like these for a baby shower offers a ton of creativity. From the candy toppings to different color frostings, the possibilities are endless.

diaper shaped wraps

» Loaded Diaper Wraps

A tasty finger food your shower guests will love. This recipe is easy to make and offers plenty of creativity for filling ingredients.

Deviled Egg Baby Carriage

» Deviled Egg Baby Carriage with Sriracha

Makes a creative and delicious finger food for any baby shower. Your choice with ingredients to making baby and wheels.
Use your own deviled egg recipe or the one provided.

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