Free Baby Shower Games

We invite you to enjoy this collection of free printable baby shower games. They offer some unique and fun game ideas perfect for any baby shower. Each game includes easy to read instructions, game objective and a supplies list. Many of these baby shower games are supplied with free printable game sheets for your convenience.

Free Printable Baby Shower Game Packs

Download these popular themed baby shower games in packs. Five games per pack.
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Most Popular Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Download these popular themed baby shower games as single game sheets.
free printable baby scramble baby shower games

Baby Scramble

Guests will have to make as many pregnancy related words as they can using the first letter in the baby to be’s name. If the name has not been chosen the parents name can be used.

free printable find me a rhyme baby shower games
Find Me a Rhyme

Who can name the most nursery rhymes? Guests will write down as many classic nursery rhymes as they can and who ever writes the most wins.

free printable baby name race baby shower games
Baby Name Race

How many baby names do you know? Your shower guests will have to quickly come up with names that start with the letters on the game sheet. The one who can do it first wins.

free printable taste test baby shower games
Taste Test Game

Guests will have to guess what flavor of baby food they are eating. Each person will taste the numbered baby food and write their best guess for the flavor.

free printable guess what baby ate baby shower games
Guess What Baby Ate

Use melted candy inside diapers to see which guest can name the candy brand. Yes, this game is kinda gross but fun. The person to guess the most candy brands wins.

More Free Printable Baby Shower Games

This is a large collection of free printable baby shower games.

baby animals baby shower game

Baby Animals Matching Game
Let’s see how smart your baby shower guests really are. Research and find some interesting animals and the proper name for their young.
It’s best to do some easy and some hard just for fun.

Write the adult animal name on each line. See which shower guests can name the most baby animal terms that go along with the adult.

Who am I baby shower game Who Am I? Picture Match Game
This one takes a little work but is fun and entertaining to see everyone’s baby photo. Ask your guests to bring an old photo of them from when they were a baby. Hang them up and number them. Ask shower guests to see if they can tell from the photos who is who. You’d be shocked at how close some people still look to their baby photos.

Don't forget the diaper bag baby shower game Don't Forget the Diaper Bag
Got a great memory? Go around the room and have one baby shower guest at a time name an item usually found in a diaper bag. Each guest will need to name all items before their turn and a new item. As items are added it gets difficult to remember all the items before.

Birthday guess baby shower game Birthday Guess Game - Calendar
Use the provided printable calendar sheet, have guests choose which day they estimate the new baby will be born. Whoever estimates right or closest wins. The winner can receive some sort of prize after the baby is born.

Baby statistics baby shower game

Baby Statistics Game
Using this baby shower game sheet and the answer key, have guest write their best answers for the provided questions.

No cheating! Make sure they don’t use their cell phones or internet. The person who is correct or closest to the right answer wins.

Baby A-Z baby shower game Baby A-Z - Name Game
Do you know the name of the new baby? If so, let your baby shower guests come up with as many other baby names as possible using the first letter of the new baby’s name. Be creative and think of as many unique names as you can. Have your guests read their names out loud after the game for some extra fun!

Mom-to-be observations baby shower game Mom-To-Be Observation Game
Baby shower guests will watch as the mon-to-be walks through the room with a tray of baby related items. Once she exits ask the guest some questions about the items to see who can remember what was on the tray. Remember, make some difficult for a little more fun!

Dad's diaper excuse baby shower game Dad's Diaper Excuse
It’s a known fact the dad’s don’t like changing diapers. They will give you every excuse there is to get out of it. Use this co-ed baby shower game to have the dad’s give you their best excuses to get out of changing the dirty diapers. This can get fun if the dads are creative enough!

Make me a looker baby shower game Make Me A Looker
Calling all Artists! Cut up photos of the mom and dad to be. Ask guests to arrange the photos on this provided baby face. The goal is to make a fun combination of both mom and dad for what the baby might look like.

Celebrity baby match baby shower game Celebrity Baby Match Game
Let’s see who knows their celebrities! Write down some famous celebrities who have kids. Ask baby shower guests to name the famous baby by name. Making some of these more difficult can add to the fun and excitement.

Bet on baby game Bet on Baby
Each baby shower guest will write down their best guess to these questions about the baby. Once the baby is born, whoever is closest wins. It’s a fun way to stay in touch with shower guests after the shower is over and baby is born.

Baby shower pictionary game

Baby Shower Pictionary
This is yet another baby shower game for the artists in the room. Have guests draw what is on the card they choose. They are all baby related items and the team who guesses the most in the least amount of time wins.

Print this sheet and cut out the cards, it's that easy!

Feeling it baby shower game Feeling It - Baby Item Guessing Game
Pass around a diaper bag full of baby related items. Have your baby shower guests write down their best guess for each item. The person who guesses the most items right wins. Make sure to include some more difficult items to add to the fun.

More Fun Free Baby Shower Games

This is a collection of popular free baby shower games. Each game includes easy to read instructions, game objective and a supplies list.

Hungry Baby Game
Playing the baby, guests will have to be fed by a blindfolded mommy to be.

Make Me A Baby
Using clay make your best baby figure.

Hot Pacifier Hand Off
The team to pass their pacifier through all members the fastest wins.

Crown the Swaddle Champion
This game will allow your guests to show off their swaddling skills.

Get The Nipples
Guest will try their bobbing skills with baby bottle nipples.

Don't Say Baby Game
No guest is allowed to say baby the whole time during the shower. You do, you lose.

Late Night Feeding
First person to drink their bottle wins.

Tinkle Time Game
Carry a quarter between your knees, race to drop the quarter in a jar at the finish line.

Price is Right
Guess the retail price of a hand full of baby related items.

Let's Roll
How many toilet paper squares around is mommy's belly?

Clothesline Game
The team to pin all their clothes on the line while caring for baby and talking on the cell phone all at the same time wins.

Balls Out Game
Show your delivery skills by squeezing a ping-pong ball out of a balloon.

M&M's Candy Game
The one who guesses closest to the amount of M&Ms, or any small candies of choice wins.

Toilet Paper Dress-up Game
Dress-up baby in an outfit made only of toilet paper.

My Water Broke
Melt the ice cube and free the frozen baby.

Famous Duck Game
Name as many famous ducks as you can.

Candy Bottle Estimate
Guess the amount of candy in the baby bottle to win the bottle of candy.

Craving Guessing Game
Guess the mommy-to-be’s favorite cravings and win.

Free Baby Shower Printables

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Free Baby Shower Games

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