Baby Shower Word Scramble

Available in several different theme choices

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Zebra baby shower srcamble game little man baby shower srcamble game
Safari baby shower srcamble game Princess baby shower srcamble game

Game Objective

Guests will have to make as many pregnancy related words as they can using the first letter in the baby to be’s name. If the name has not been chosen the parents name can be used.

How to Play

On a sheet of paper Print/Write the baby’s name or a name of your choice. You may use the free printable game sheets. Ask guests to write as many words as they can that start with the first letter from that name. Give the guests about 5 minutes or so. The person with the most when the clock stops wins!


  • Stop watch
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Printable Game Sheets


standard showersoffun baby scramble game sheet

Standard Game Sheet

Use this printable game if your theme is not available.

free printable baby shower game sheet PDF Print Baby Scramble Game - PDF

free printable baby shower game sheet JPG Print Baby Scramble Game - JPG

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