Baby Statistics Game

Baby shower statistics game
Download this baby shower game as a .pdf game sheet below.


See who is a scholar in all that is baby statistics.
The person to answer the most questions wins.

How to Play

Hand out a game sheet to each shower guest. Give them a time limit of 5 minutes to answer all 10 questions. Ask them to not use the internet as that would be cheating. After the 5 minutes collect the sheets and use the answer sheet to grade. Choose a nice prize for whoever answers the most right. In case of a tie, ask the bonus question on the answer sheet. Closest to the right number wins.

Answer Key:
These are the questions and the answers. You can download both the printable game sheets and an answer key below if needed.

1. Amount of Diapers needed for first year of life? Approx. 2800 Diapers
2. What is the average weight of a baby born in the U.S.? 7.5 lbs.
3. What is the average length of a new born baby in inches? 20 inches
4. What is the average length of maternity leave mom gets in the U.S.? About 10 weeks
5. What percentage of male babies get circumcised? About 58%
6. How many babies are born in the U.S. each day on average? Just over 4 million
7. Which day of the week are more babies born that any other? Tuesday


  • Statistics Game Sheets and pens
  • Answer Sheet

Printable Game Sheet

free printable baby shower game sheet Print Baby Statistics Game Sheet - PDF

free printable baby shower game sheet JPG Print Baby Statistics Game Sheet - JPG

Download The Answer Key - PDF

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