Don't Forget The Diaper Bag

Don't forget the diaper bag gameDownload this baby shower game as a .pdf game sheet below.

Game Objective

This game is all about memory. Your guest will each take turns naming things most diaper bags might need to supply, but as they add they also have to remember what the person before said as well.

How to Play

Designate someone to write your guests answers, as you will need to keep track of who can keep the list of items in the bag going. You can have them use the free printable game sheet below if you choose. Go around the room in a circle. Each guest must name something that would be found in a diaper bag (Example: baby wipes) then the next person will have add to the list, but also has to name the first item on the list (Example: Baby wipes, Diapers) The order of the items doesn't matter as long as the guest remembers them all. When a guest forgets to name something on the list, they are out and the next person has to take over. The list will eventually become very long! And someone will come out a winner.


  • Paper
  • Pens

Printable Game Sheet

free printable baby shower game sheet PDF Print Baby Shower Game Sheet - PDF

free printable baby shower game sheet JPG Print Baby Shower Game Sheet - JPG

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