Guess What Baby Ate

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Zebra baby shower guess what baby ate game Mustache baby shower guess what baby ate game
Safari baby shower guess what baby ate game Princess baby shower guess what baby ate game

Game Objective

Each guest will be handed 5 dirty diapers and will need to test their boundaries of braveness and do whatever it takes to guess what is in the dirty diaper. Guests are allowed to smell, touch even taste if they wish.

How to Play

Using a variety of 6 name brand chocolate bars, begin making your dirty diapers not too long before guests arrive. Put each bar on a dish or paper plate and melt it in the microwave. Melt each one only for a few seconds no more than 20, you want them to be smooth and easy to smear not liquid.

Number each diaper and on an answer sheet for yourself keep track of which bars were put in which numbered diapers. Create papers for guests and number lines 1-5 for the guests to write their answers. You may choose to use the free printable baby shower game sheets. At the bottom you may list the candy bars in no particular order for guests to get ideas. It’s always best to add a few more names to the list to throw in some confusion. Whichever guest has the most diapers correct wins.

If you have more than 1 winner which you most likely will with a large group of people the 6th candy bar is for the tie breaker. This bar will not be on the list of names which makes it harder!! “Choose something really tuff for this one” such as a heath bar, Charleston chew, turtle these are all less common but still known enough.


  • 5 name brand candy bars
  • 1 tie breaker candy bars
  • 6 diapers
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Printable Game Sheets

standard showersoffun guess what baby ate game sheet

Standard Game Sheet

Use this printable game if your theme is not available.

free printable baby shower game sheet Print Dirty Diaper Game - PDF

free printable baby shower game sheet Print Dirty Diaper Game - JPG

This printable baby shower game is available for download in other standard theme choices.

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