Hungry Baby Game

Game Objective

Feeding time has never been so messy! Playing the baby, guests will have to be fed by a blindfolded mommy to be. The cleanest baby wins!

How to Play

Pick out a few guests to play the role of the baby. Prep guests with bibs or napkins so they don’t get dirty. Blindfold mommy to be and hand her a food of choice to feed the babies with. Some people choose baby food which definitely makes it harder to keep in the guests mouths. But if you feel a little guilty you can choose something more tasty such as pudding or applesauce. With 60 seconds on the clock, Mommy will have to feed her baby as neatly as possible.


  • Napkins
  • Baby food/pudding/applesauce or food of choice
  • Stopwatch
  • Blindfold

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