Make Me A Looker

make me a looker gameDownload this baby shower game as a .pdf game sheet below.


Guests will use pieces of parents photos to make up a picture of baby to be.

How to Play

Give each guest a blank sheet of paper cut into the shape of a babies head or use the printable game sheet below. Give each guest the headshot photos of mom and dad to be. Have guests use the photos of the parents to make a picture of what baby might look like using pieces from the mother & fathers pictures.
Example: guests can cut out moms eyes and place them on baby cut out. Then use dad’s lips ect. Mom will choose her ideal baby.


  • Parents Photos
  • paper
  • scissors
  • glue sticks

Printable Game Sheet

free printable baby shower game sheet PDF Print Baby Shower Game Sheet - PDF

free printable baby shower game sheet JPG Print Baby Shower Game Sheet - JPG

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