Make Me a Baby

Clay or play dough

Game Objective

Using soft colored clay or Play-Dough, have your guests each try and tap into their artist side all while racing against the clock to build the perfect baby.  

How to Play

Give each guest the chance to grab a decent amount of Clay/Play dough to build their baby. Once everyone has some, allow any leftover amounts to go to guests that might want to add something a little extra to their creation. This also allows for a variety of laughs and competitive edge, so every guest won’t have the same looking shape of blob. Get out your stop watch and allow your guests 3-5 minutes to create their masterpiece. When the time is up the Mommy to be will choose her favorite. She may also have the option of choosing a 1st 2nd and 3rd place winner if she so likes.


  • Soft colored clay or Play Dough
  • Stop watch

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