Mom-To-Be Observation Game

mom to be observation baby shower game
Download this baby shower game as a .pdf game sheet below.


You will test the observation skills of your baby shower guests. 
However, this will be more difficult than they think!

How to Play

This is kind of a trick game. You will load a tray with baby related items, that the mom-to-be can carry around the room and show to all guests. Tell the guests to observe the objects on the tray and some follow-up questions will be asked shortly. After everyone has had a chance to observe the items, send the mom-to-be and the tray out of sight. Now, all the guests will assume your questions will be about the items on the tray. This is not the case... You will ask specific questions about the mom-to-be instead. Things like, what is the color of her shirt?, what is the brand of shoes she was wearing, etc. Many will find this difficult as they will have concentrated on the tray items.


  • Tray of baby related items
    (about 10)
  • Game sheets and pens
  • 5 questions about mom-to-be

Printable Game Sheet

free printable baby shower game sheet Print Baby Shower Game Sheet - PDF

free printable baby shower game sheet Print Baby Shower Game Sheet - JPG

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