Crown The Swaddle Champion

Baby swaddle


New born babies love being swaddled. It gives them the warm enclosed feeling, similar to the whom they had to leave when entering the world. This game will allow your guests to show off their swaddling skills. The one to produce the best overall swaddle in the given time wins.

How to Play

Using a doll as close to real baby size as possible, have your baby shower guests practice their swaddling techniques. Have each guest make one attempt at swaddling the doll. Nominate a guest who is a swaddling whiz be your judge. The participant who can swaddle the best wins. To make it more interesting give the guest a time limit, 30 seconds should do it.  Judge on tightness, fold neatness and overall appearance. If there is a tie or you just can’t decide, have the finalists swaddle again only in 10 seconds. Now judge one last time for your champion.


  • 1 doll (As close to size as possible)
  • 1 swaddle cloth
  • Optional: stop watch / timer

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