Taste Test Game

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Zebra baby shower taste test game little man mustache baby shower taste test game
Safari baby shower taste test game Princess baby shower taste test game

Game Objective

Guests will have to guess what flavor of baby food they are eating.

How to Play

Buy 5-12 jars of baby food depending on how many samples you want to use. Number each lid and on your own answer sheet, write down each number and the true flavor in that numbered jar. Prepare some papers for your guests that are numbered for them to put their answers. You can use the free printable baby shower game sheets if you choose. You may write a list of possible answers at the bottom of the sheet if you would like to give then some hints, but don’t make it too easy! Adding a few extra flavors can help keep things fun, especially made up ones that don’t really exist. Its always fun to see how long some people have been out of the baby food aisle.


  • 5-12 jars or baby food
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Plastic spoons
  • Napkins
  • Printable Game Sheets

standard showersoffun taste test game sheet

Standard Game Sheet

Use this printable game if your theme is not available.

free printable baby shower game sheet Print Taste Test Game - PDF

free printable baby shower game sheet Print Taste Test Game - JPG

This printable baby shower game is available for download in other standard theme choices.

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Baby Shower Taste Test Game Resources:

VIDEO: Baby Shower Games: Baby Food Game | Parents
This video shows you how to set up the game and will give you a basic unserstanding for playing this baby shower game.

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